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Shiny new Phones have their own appeal. But they can take a toll on your budget. Thankfully, gadget-lovers have a way out this dilemma.

Purchasing used cell phones online allows you to avail the latest tech whilst also saving a huge sum of cash. Sometimes you can even buy used cell phones online for half of its original price. That’s why, millions of people buy used cell phones online. It allows them to pack the latest gadget inside of their financial limitations.

People sell cell phones online for variety of reasons. Most of them are seeking to upgrade their model. This gives an opportunity for you to get your hands on the latest goods for a reasonable price. It’s a win win scenario.

How to Sell My Phone Online with Cell Shape?

Cell Shape provides a convenient way to sell used cell phones. Just tell us the model and condition of your phone and get an instant price. That’s it, no auctions, entry fees any other hassles.

Once that’s done, pack your device in any box and send it over. If you have the original packaging than that’s great. If not, than that’s OK too. Note: shipping your phone won’t cost you a dime. That’s right, the delivery is completely free when you sell cell phones online to us. The day your phone arrives, we will pay up via PayPal, Bank Transfer or Check.

If you’re one of the people asking: “what’s the best place to sell my phone?” Look no further than Cell Shape. It’s the best place to sell and buy used cell phones.

Is Your Phone a Little Busted? No Issues

A lot of you will asking this question: Can I sell my phone even if it’s damaged? This answer is Yes.

We buy used phones even if they’re a bit dented, scratched and scuffed. Hell, even a cracked screen won’t make us turn you down. Just remember to tell us the true extent of the damage, when you decide to sell your phone online.

You can sell used cell phones to Cell Shape regardless of their condition.

Of course, to maintain a standard we make certain exceptions when we buy used phones. However, we buy used phones from a wide range of brands including:

  • iPhone
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Huawei
  • HTC
  • Xiaomi
  • Nokia
  • And Others

We will not buy used cell phone from just any brand. So make sure to tell us the model and condition to receive an instant price. People who buy used phones from Cell Shape do not receive damaged goods. We make sure to refurbish the phone back to prime condition.

Sell Used Cell Phones for the Best Price

How do I sell my phone for the best price? If that is your question on your mind than there few things you need to know.

Make no mistake, Cell Shape offers you the best price for device. However, you can sell your phone online for a better price by doing this:

  • Sell it as early as possible: As a general rule, whenever you want to sell your phone online, make a quick decision. The value of a device only depreciates over time, so sell used cell phones as early as you can.
  • Take care of your phone: This goes without saying, when you sell cell phones online, better condition gets you a better price. We buy used cell phones for a better price when they’re in good condition.
  • Lock in the price: People tell us “I’m not ready to sell my phone yet” and we tell them to price it anyway. We lock the price for short-while before you can make the final decision to sell your phone online.

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